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VIP – The Sick. The Criminal.

VIP – The Sick. The Criminal.  – 12.24.2018
[Luke 2:8-20 and Matthew 25:31-33, 41-46]
          My favorite part about Christmas Eve has got to be the candle-light vigil. We’ll get to that in a little bit, but think about it – it’s just a beautiful moment of light slowly spreading while the music rises. But what I really like about sharing the flame is that to spread my fire costs me nothing. When you light your candle on mine, my flame is not diminished. My flame is not smaller, but now you have light too. The same goes for love. To spread my love costs me nothing. When I give my love to you, my love is not diminished, my love is not smaller – but now you have love too. If my love comes in a roaring bonfire, or in a flickering spark – it can still ignite your heart all the same. Today is the final sermon in the series ACCESS – where we look at the story of Christmas and ask the question – Who is worthy? Who does God want at the birth of Jesus?  And through this whole month, all the pieces come together in the strangest puzzle for just one night to tell the story of the birth of Jesus. Tonight we will tell that story.


VIP – The Poor. The Hungry. The Naked.

Sermon Text – 12.23.2018
[Luke 2:1-7 and Matthew 25:31-40]
          In 1952 baseball legend Ralph Kiner went into the general manager’s office and demanded a raise. He’d played for the Pittsburgh Pirates for years now and had often fought with his manager Branch Rickey about salary. But that season he had hit 37 home runs, and he felt entitled to make more money, because he was so good. Rickey refused, but Ralph pointed out, “I led the league in homers. I hit more home runs than anyone else in Major League Baseball for the sixth season in a row. I deserve a raise.” The manager paused, and calmly asked him, “Where did we finish this season?” Ralph Kiner shrugged, “last.” “Well,” the manager replied, “we can do that without you.” Sometimes in life, it’s not about how great you are all by yourself – how impressive or incredible or praiseworthy you are. Sometimes the question is how is your team doing?


VIP – The Misunderstood

VIP – The Misunderstood – 12.16.2018
[Matthew 1:18-25 and Matthew 25:31-33, 41-46]

          Have you ever been misunderstood? For example, have you ever ordered a cake and you wanted something on top – like writing or pictures and you struggle to explain what you want? For example, you call in and say, “Oh just write happy birthday on the cake.”  Or maybe you want to specify which color of frosting you want and say, “write thanks for a great year in purple.” Or perhaps you’d like to get a little multi-cultural, maybe it’s a friend from Mexico and so you ask, “please write Happy Birthday in Spanish.” Or sometimes you’ll have a really large party and so you’ll need two cakes, and you tell them on the phone, “write happy birthday on both.” Ah, but they keep messing up your order, so you think forget the words, I just want a picture, and you tell them, “Just put a paw print on the cake.” Ah, good grief, they can’t get the words right, they can’t get the pictures write. So just, forget it – you think – no words, no pictures and you tell them, “I want sprinkles.” For crying out loud, you know what, next time I order a cake I’m going to tell them, “just put nothing” on the cake. Nothing at all.




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