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Esther: A Story of Courage

Sermon Text – 08.12.2018

[Esther and John 15:1-5]

Last week, we started a new sermon series called “Old Testament Stories of Love” and we talked about the story of Moses and how God acted in fantastic and amazing ways to help Israel escape slavery in Egypt. Today we’re going to talk about the story of Esther, which is an amazing story of courage. But in the story of Esther, God acts in a very different way. God’s involvement in the story is extremely subtle. In fact, the book of Esther is often criticized because it never mentions God. At all. In the whole book, the name of God NEVER comes up directly. Scholars talk about how the story of Esther is a different sort of action from God. It’s indirect, it’s implied – there are no burning bushes or parting of the red sea in THIS story. It is a story of remarkable coincidences – or maybe it’s a story to show us that there are no coincidences.



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