Get Connected.

The first step in our walk with God is to lay a firm foundation – this often looks a lot like what we would call worship. Just you and God – connecting. 
The next step in our walk is to build the structures of a faithful life – we think of things like a prayer life, personal devotions, and active involvement in some sort of Christian Education. 
But there’s more to the Christian life than simply coming to church and reading your bible. If you follow the teachings of Jesus long enough – we start to realize there is a call to go beyond the walls of the church. To serve. To volunteer. To put others first. 
Here at Flushing UMC, we offer LOTS of opportunities to do just that. Whether it’s in our Children and Youth options, our Caring ministries, or with our Faith In Action Team – there is a place for EVERYONE to fulfill that important step of personal growth: serving others.


Lay the foundation.

Build the structure.

                and then
 Shout it from the rooftops!


Simple, easy steps for our walk with God.

Come connect and go beyond Sunday morning here at
Flushing United Methodist Church.



CS for Tweens - small

ce for youth

ce for adults 1 - small