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El Porvenir (Clean Water for Nicaragua)

In connection with the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), Flushing United Methodist Church has embraced the El Porvenir Project whose mission it is to help people step out of extreme poverty–one well and one latrine at at time.

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Americas with 82 percent of the population living in poverty. Many have no clean drinking water.  They must walk miles every day to get contaminated  water from a stream.  What we can scarcely imagine is daily life for more that one billion people globally.  And, it’s a harsh reality for children who die–one every 15 seconds–from waterborne diseases.

Nicaragua Mission Trip with border

2014 Nicaragua Mission Team


Diarrhea is the largest hurdle a small child in a developing country has to overcome.  It’s more prevalent than AIDS, tuberculous or malaria.

In 2012-13, FUMC raised $5,000 to build a well in a village in Nicaragua.  The well has been built and is now in use providing clean drinking water.

In February 2014, the FUMC supported  a mission trip where we sent 12 community members to Nicaragua to help a community near El Sauce build 3 stoves that will burn less wood and be vented to the outside of the home improving the air quality. The team also worked with the community to create a tree nursery for 1,500 seedlings.
Another group is planning to return to Nicaragua March 2016. They will work with El Porvenir in another rural village on water projects.

For more information about FUMC’s support of this mission, please contact the church office.



FUMC’s Faith in Action Team provides financial support for missionaries in Africa. They are being supported from designated contributions and with loose change in the offering Sunday morning.

  • Princess Ju Su is in Monrovia, Liberia. An instructor with the United Methodist Women’s Training Center, Princess Ju Su teaches tailoring, tie dying, knitting, and home economics for women.



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