Christian Education for Children Age 3 through 5th Grade

Sundays starting September 11 from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.
WHIRL for Ages 3, 4, and 5
How it works: Every Whirl Classroom lesson follows a four-part sequence: Welcome, Hear, Respond, and Launch (WHRL). Each week, leaders WELCOME kids and invite them to warm up with an activity. Then kids watch a video with the Whirl Kids. Each
video is based on a theme that connects kids to the Bible story and to real–life situations.
After watching the video, kids HEAR the day’s story in their Bibles. Kids RESPOND using
their leaflets to see how the Bible story is connected to a broader theme that applies to their
own lives. Lastly, kids circle up to review the lesson and pray. LAUNCH your kids out with Family Pages – so they can keep the learning going all week long!
Click here to watch a WHIRL video!home_hero_new
Holy Moly for
1st – 5th Grade Girls
How it works: Every Holy Moly lesson follows a four-part sequence: Discover, Relate, Connect, and Create. Each week, girls watch an animated Bible story video, talk
about the story, read the Bible Storybook or their Bible, and try a creative activity. As girls study the Bible stories, they develop their relationship with God through a better understanding of Jesus Christ!

Warrior: Win the Battle for
1st – 5th Grade Boys
How it works: Through Warrior: Win the Battle, boys learn about Old Testament warriors overcoming challenges. Boys have an active learning experience where they discover & apply Biblical truth that led these Old Testament warriors to victory.
  • Boys learn to trust God through Jesus Christ
  • Boys realize that the Bible’s principles for being a spiritual warrior really work today
  • Boys learn how to think in line with God’s Word to overcome great challenges